Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wreckin' Em

Ha ha! I'm sure you Texas Tech fans thought I was acknowledging the whoopin' that Tech gave my Oklahoma State Cowboys. Well, I'm not!!

I'm talking about wrecking up my husband's car with my poor little nieces in it! I was trying to be a good aunt by taking them to see a local production of Peter Pan. On the way home, it happened. We were driving down a crowded 5-6 lane road. Cars were bumper to bumper as I merged into the turning lane to turn left at the light. Every lane was busy and I didn't notice that the two lanes of cars to the right of me had paused to let a car who was stopped at a stop sign cross over and turn left. I was rolling forward in the turning lane and this poor car didn't see me! He thought he was seizing his chance to cross the highway and smacked us head on!

I immediately turned to the girls to make sure no one was hurt. The sweet little darlings were very shaken up but Praise the Lord not hurt. The oldest was in the passenger seat and wasted no time ripping off her seat belt to climb into the back with her younger two sisters. I was filled with pride as I observed her protecting her younger siblings. I took my seat belt off and ordered them to start praying. I then noticed a pain in my right foot. I told them to pray for my foot and with very quick wit my eldest niece reminded me that if it was injured I had the wheelchair at home. WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO REMIND ME OF THE WHEELCHAIR??

The first words out of the other driver's mouth were, "Is everyone OK? I'm on the phone with 911." WHEW!! I was instantly relieved with his fast response and caring. I found my cell phone, beckoned The Strong Man, Barnum & Bailey, dialed up my sil and bil to inform them of the goings ons and let the girls talk to their mommy and daddy. We were in the MIDDLE of the highway with two lanes of traffic on each side of us whizzing by. I wanted to sit and hold the girls but I made them stay in the car with their seat belts on while I spoke with the other driver and dealt with the SIX (that is NOT a mistype!) tow trucks that descended on us 5 minutes after we called the wreck in. However, NO WAY was I moving my car until the police showed up. I wanted untainted, documented evidence that it was NOT my fault. (Believe me! I had several different moments of panic throughout the entire 3 hour ordeal of; "What if it WAS my fault?") Rest assured, the cop agreed IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!! The other driver was shocked and awed by his citation of failure to yield to the right of way (aka going through a stop sign when his way wasn't clear.) In fact, he said he would be contesting it so time will tell.

Quick Recap:

1. Big Fat Wreck but Praise the Lord...NO INJURIES!

2. Dialed 911 w/in minutes.

3. SIX tow trucks descended on us within 5 minutes.

4. We had to call 911 an ADDITIONAL 2 times and the cop showed up ONE HOUR LATER!! (In the meantime, The Strong Man and my bil arrived and thankfully my sil (Bless her 8 3/4 months pregnant heart) was able to take all of the kiddos home.)

5. THREE HOURS AFTER the WRECK, Black Sabbath (my husband's car) was loaded onto the tow truck and hauled off.

I couldn't get to my kiddos and nieces fast enough. I wanted to hug and love on them and tell the girls how VERY proud I was. As soon as we got to their house it was great to see they were all doing fine. I just started bragging away to my sil about how brave and incredible her eldest had acted toward her siblings by jumping into the back seat with them, etc., etc. She was just shaking her head and saying, "umm-humm, yeah. umm-humm, yeah."

After I finished bragging, my sweet niece said, "Um, I hurried into the backseat because I thought the air bag was going to go off."

Nice! Self Preservation.

For crying out loud this is by NO MEANS a bad thing, right? For example, when your on a plane they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you help anyone else!

She was just showing maturity beyond her years!!!


  1. I really thought you were, again, being a great Texan and rooting(did I spell that wrong? Brain freeze) for the other team! So sorry about the wreck, I am just loving the name Black Sabbath, got a good laugh out of that one. Glad everyone is ok...what about your foot though?

  2. I am glad you guys are okay!!! Ugh, car wrecks are the worst (especially the ones that are your fault ; )

  3. How is the foot? I hate to admit this, but I was yelling for OSU. I wasn't so much wanting them to win to show Tech, but to help Texas chance of making it to the Big 12 Championship. I usually support the state, but I can't let the pirates go over the longhorns (that whole pirate thing cracks me up). I am glad everyone was okay and hope the foot is better soon.

  4. I am laughing!! You crack me up! I love the whole self preseveration comment!! Too cute. Glad y'all are OK!