Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feeding-Time Flashback



Feeding time at the Circus!!!

Barnum and Bailey are both 8 months old in these pics!! Time flies...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Towel Origami

I just read an interesting article in Parenting and thought I would pass the idea along.

Towel Origami!!!

Check out one of my favorite websites for more animals and how-to instructions!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Celebrity Sighting

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE celebrity sightings!!!

We were on our weekly "family trip" (The Strong Man has just a few, small requests.) to H-E-B and celebrity struck.

The Strong Man and Barnum were in the frozen foods and Bailey and I were at the baking aisle. I was struggling to decipher the store coupon and a lady stops me.

She asks, "Have you guys been to the new Freshberry? I think I recognize your son." "Yes! We were there every other day for about two weeks," I replied.

"OH, OK. I recognize your baby from the digital frame they have up in the store. It is the cutest picture of him eating yogurt."

That's right!!! There is a celebrity among us!!!

Now I have an incredible excuse to get back to Freshberry!!! A star is born....

BTW...anyone notice how BLOND my little man is getting??

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Valentine Massacre

Why have the waters been so still on this blog?

Well, it all started with Bailey on Wednesday. I just chalked it up to something he ate.

However, on Thursday, when I was making my 5:00 PM made dash to the post office to mail Valentines, the "something he ate" became a full out massacre.

Here is the story: I grabbed Barnum out of his car seat and shouted, "RUN, RUN!!" We had to get in the building before closing time to have any hope of our slaved-over-handmade-cards getting to their recipients on time. He did exactly as I instructed. We ran and ran and joined the 30 other people in the mile-long line. I was thrilled to see they were not closed.

My joy turned to confusion as I started to hear a strong gagging sound. My confusion turned into, OH-NO-THAT-DID-NOT-JUST-HAPPEN!!! as I turned to see Barnum delivering a rushing, splashing wave of blood red vomit. (Blood red thanks to Valentine candy.) Okay, so now it is just not Bailey but Barnum AND Bailey.

I felt so badly for Barnum as he stood in the middle of the post office, vomiting, screaming and terrifying the masses.

I felt so badly for myself because it took 30 MINUTES to get someone to give me some stupid paper towels! I KNOW THEY SAW and HEARD what was HAPPENING!!! Let me just say, the post office is a great example of government workers at their finest.

Long story short, The Strong Man and I have been elbow deep in "The 24 hour Intestinal Flu." However, when four people are stricken on FOUR different days, it drags on a little longer than 24 hours. Our Valentine's Day was a fragrant one.

I am sick of the whining, the mess, the smell and the laundry. But I am blessed to have the three BEST Valentines a person could have!!!

I love you Strong Man, Barnum, and Bailey!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Heart

I want to encourage my readers to stop and think about the heart. It is a wonderful, awe-inspiring organ that is the design of our Creator. It is the blood-pumping, life-giving organ we take for granted everyday. Admit it...we get up every day assuming it is going to AUTOMATICALLY work.

Now, what happens if it doesn't work at all? What happens if it doesn't work efficiently? What happens if it has to be altered to even work at all?
This little miracle knows all too well what happens.

Meet Jameson. Please check out his sweet Mommy's website and any of the links regarding Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week.
Please also say a prayer for the individuals you read about and the ones in your lives (old AND young) who suffer issues of the heart.

Spectacular Sins Bookclub--Chapter 3

Click the picture for Chapter 3 questions. Remember....It is NEVER too late to join!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Broken Bones, Part 1

Why Part 1? Well, according to the radiologist at the emergency room, I am the mother of two boys and broken bones are a part of this blessing.

Sweet Barnum is the poor sap pictured above. It is the result of balancing practice gone bad.

Here's the story: We were at our local outside arena enjoying the GORGEOUS sunny day. Barnum was practicing his balancing skills on the wobbly bridge for an upcoming circus performance. He decided to check the stability of the bridge while climbing on the ladder. He lost his footing and fell MAYBE 3 feet onto his shoulder into the sea of cedar chips below.

He screamed and cried and put on a very dramatic performance while The Strong Man scooped him up into his arms. Being the sensitive one, I told him, "Sweetheart, you are fine. You just fell. You need to stop crying and calm down. If you don't calm down we are going to have to leave." Besides, he has fallen much harder and from much higher heights many times before.

Barnum then let out The Howl. The Howl that pierces a mommy's soul to alert them...Mommy, I am seriously hurt and scared.

"Load UP!," I bellowed. The Strong Man drove, Bailey navigated and I fashioned a soft collar and some arm supports out of diapers and a cowboy hat. (I kid you not.) Well, five minutes into the drive, Barnum fell asleep. I went into hysterics. "He's got a concussion!! He HAS A CONCUSSION!!!!" The Strong Man explains to me, "He would have had to hit his head to get a concussion. He didn't hit his head." "YES HE DID," I screamed. "I saw the WHOLE thing! He fell on his right side and hit his head and then his shoulder." "No, no, no," The Strong Man assures me. "I saw the whole thing. He fell on his LEFT side, shoulder first. Let's just go home, let him take his nap and go from there."

So we do that. While the little sweetheart was taking his nap I called and texted everyone I knew. First, I had to get someone over here to watch Bailey. Second, I needed a good plan as to which ER we would be visiting. That is one glorious thing about a big city. You have lots of good choices for medical care. Third, The Strong Man had to consult with Web MD so he could make a diagnosis.

Now that you have read ALL the way to the bottom, here is the condensed version:

  1. Barnum woke up from his nap howling.

  2. The Strong Man, myself and Barnum headed to a privately owned ER 10 minutes from our house. AWESOME!!

  3. Within 10 minutes saw a nurse, radiologist and ER doctor.

  4. 45 minutes later, headed home with two x-ray pictures, a sling, ace bandage, Tylenol 3 and more stickers and suckers than you could find at a dollar store.

I'll let you guys be the judge....does that picture above look like my little angel fell on his Left side or Right side??

(There actually WAS confusion so I have replaced the first picture with the second!!!)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Spectacular Sins Bookclub--Chapter 2 Questions

I have lifted the questions directly from sweet Lisa's blog. Please feel free to anwer in a comment here or head on over to home base!!! It is NEVER too late to jump right on in so please join us!!!

Chapter Two

1. I loved your quotes so much from the first session I'm going to ask you to share your favorite from this chapter!

2. Re-read Colossians 1:15-16. Piper makes special mention that of all the things Paul could list that were made by, through, and for Christ, that he specifically mentions evil powers. In answering why Paul did this, Piper pulls an example from 2 Timothy 1:8 to show how he used weighty doctrine to address Timothy's practical issues of anxiety and fear that threatened the effect of his ministry. Considering Paul thought the 'heavy' things of God would help Timothy deal with everyday matters, how does knowing God created beings that He knew would turn from good to evil translate to your everyday life? (Use paragraphs 2 and 3 of page 36 to help form your thoughts.)

3. Five summary statements are given on p. 37 as to why God wants us to know the truth of Christ's sovereignty over 'rulers and authorities' and the way they are involved in the most spectacular sins of the universe. Which one is most meaningful to you? Does it comfort you? Give you courage against the evil that we know has been disarmed by Christ?

4. Okay, this question is more of an assignment. Look at the previous commenter's answers and respond to one of her(his?) insights. If you are the first commenter, you can refer to this original post. Let's get some discussion going! :)

This was a short chapter so we'll stop here. Looking so forward to hearing your thoughts!