Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On Horseback

Our newest adventure is horseback riding lessons. Barnum is very excited about being a cowboy and riding a horse like Woody from Toy Story. However, he is NOT excited about his new "Cowboy Hat!"

I kept trying to talk up his "NEW" cowboy hat. I kept telling him how special it was and yada, yada, yada. His reply, "MOMMY! I have seen LOTS of cowboy hats and this IS NOT a cowboy hat!!"

"Ok! The gig is up. But here is the deal...If you want to ride the horse....you will wear the hat."

He chose to ride the horse!!! (OK, he really just got a pony on his first day. Apparently you have to start small.)

He completed all of his exercises and chores and was rewarded with getting to trot and play a game of red light/green light.

Stay tuned to see how this Rhinestone Cowboy makes out!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

National Sewing Month

In honor of National Sewing Month, a story:

During a conversation with my mother and sister, I stated that I would like a sewing machine for Christmas. My sister strolls over to her closet, grabs down a box and hands it to me. It is a brand new sewing machine!!

Well, I mean it appeared to be a brand new sewing machine because the box had NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, not in NINE years been open. NINE years. (Keep in mind she is the mother of 2 girls, ages NINE and FIVE.)

I excitedly started dreaming up my first project. BAILEY's napmat for Mother's Day Out!! Two months later, I found the PERFECT Napmat tutorial online, bought all the supplies and then.......

I packed up my BRAND NEW SEWING machine, pattern/tutorial/whatever you want to call it, and supplies and drove straight over to my sis-in-laws house. Why?

She's the one that knows how to sew!!! I can't sew a stitch!! What was I thinking??? A NAPMAT??? I should probably start with something basic like...THREADING THE MACHINE or sewing two pieces of fabric together!!

Good decision making on my part because this is how precious it came out!!!:

Bailey LOVES it!! He lays right down and goes straight to sleep....from what I hear!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm sorry to report that our Circus Spectacular FAILED the interview at Houston Shaggy Dog Rescue. F-A-I-L-E-D.

It took me MONTHS to talk The Strong Man into getting a dog. Then it took MONTHS to locate a dog that met his specifications on Petfinder.com. (His SPECS include: house trained, low-shedding & low-maintenance coat, doesn't bark and is no more than 30 lbs. You know, something straight out of Hitler's regime.)

I locate such dog. I fill out the online application. I buy Barnum and Bailey each a squeaky toy to play and interact with the puppy on "Visitation Day." The Strong Man takes off of work and we drive an hour to the Rescue to meet said dog.

I am by no means naive to the fact that I am the mother of two young boys. YOUNG BOYS=LIVELINESS, MISCHIEVOUSNESS, ROUGHNESS. However!!!!, Barnum and Bailey were on their BEST behavior!!! Calm, somewhat reserved and totally uncharacteristic.

The owner of Houston Shaggy Dog Rescue had previously stated to me that the particular dog we were interested in was on "HOLD" as a lady was flying in from Chicago to look at him. "Fine," I said. "Just contact me afterwards to let me know."

Never heard, never heard so I send an email. Her reply, " She did indeed chose the other dog, however, blah blah blah two young boys are too lively, blah blah blah I think such and such dog would be better for you."

My reply, "If it is okay with you, we would really like to try said dog. He is the one that fits the criteria that we are looking for, he got along well with the children and he is the one that lead us to your rescue. Of course, his needs are very important to us and if at any time the boys prove to be too much we will bring him back immediately."

NO RESPONSE. Houston Shaggy Dog Rescue was never to be heard from again. Our application, DENIED. FAILED.

I have since then located 1 other precious angel from Basset Buddies Rescue of Houston. (Who have proven to be a delight!) Unfortunately, The Strong Man is off of the bandwagon. NO MORE DOGS. WE TRIED IT. IT DIDN'T WORK OUT. IT's OVER.

Devastated and Dogless,
The Bearded Lady

Thursday, September 10, 2009

1st Day of MDO

We just kicked off the beginning of our Fall schedules yesterday with the boys starting MDO.

You would think by my 100th post, I would have learned how to load my photos from start to finish. Nope!!! I'm proof you can't teach an old dog new tricks. So bear with me AGAIN!! They are chronologically REVERSED!!


On the move!

Woody and Buzz to the RESCUE!!! Again and again and again!! They NEVER tire of TOY STORY!!

Hi Momma!!


Let's GO!!

Watch out!! I'm overly excited and have plastered a fake grin on my face!! Look MOM!!

They both had GREAT days and GREAT reports from their teachers!!
I'm sorry to report that I failed in the funky lunch department. I didn't TOTALLY fail. The boys had home made lunches with a special touch (snickerdoodle chex mix with M & M's!).
However, their turkey and cheese was in a measly rectangle shape, not a rocket shape. Those poor, poor mistreated children.
What did I do with my 5 hours off? I got my haircut for the first time since FEBRUARY!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bragging Rights

Barnum did a great job in swimming lessons this year!! Probably because he had the world's best teacher!!!!!!!! He has grown to love the water and wants to hop in anytime he can!! I just thought I would show off how BRAVE he has gotten.

Mrs. Stephanie (aka best swimming instructor EVER!!), I apologize that we have strayed away from the curriculum!