Thursday, September 10, 2009

1st Day of MDO

We just kicked off the beginning of our Fall schedules yesterday with the boys starting MDO.

You would think by my 100th post, I would have learned how to load my photos from start to finish. Nope!!! I'm proof you can't teach an old dog new tricks. So bear with me AGAIN!! They are chronologically REVERSED!!


On the move!

Woody and Buzz to the RESCUE!!! Again and again and again!! They NEVER tire of TOY STORY!!

Hi Momma!!


Let's GO!!

Watch out!! I'm overly excited and have plastered a fake grin on my face!! Look MOM!!

They both had GREAT days and GREAT reports from their teachers!!
I'm sorry to report that I failed in the funky lunch department. I didn't TOTALLY fail. The boys had home made lunches with a special touch (snickerdoodle chex mix with M & M's!).
However, their turkey and cheese was in a measly rectangle shape, not a rocket shape. Those poor, poor mistreated children.
What did I do with my 5 hours off? I got my haircut for the first time since FEBRUARY!!


  1. Congratulations on the first MDO! Those pictures are so adorable - I especially love the one of Barnum & teacher. He looks just a wee bit suspicious. :) And I adore Bailey's 'do!

  2. Too cute! Glad you got in a haircut. I worked Sterling's first full day of MDO, so I'm looking forward to a break next week! And good try on the sandwiches. When I realized there weren't instructions on the website link you had, I just gave up :)