Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sew Tape Easy Lampshade

I don't sew yet. (I have the machine out of the box and I have forced others to use it. I just haven't used it yet.) However, I DO Sew Tape very well!!

I took this basic Better Homes and Gardens lampshade and made it my own with 2 simple products: Singer Sew Tape and Trim I dug out of the clearance box at Hobby Lobby.

Step 1: Wrap your sew tape around! (Note, YES, you could use a glue gun here but WHY RISK THE BURN?? Plus, with sew tape you have all the time in the world to piddle. You don't have to get your trim down before it dries!!)

Step 2: Place your trim on top of the Sew Tape!!

Step 3: Uh-Oh. This is a little too "Double Greek, Double Geek!!" The Strong Man almost wet his pants laughing at it!!

Step 4: A few snips of the scissors and.......

Transformation Thursday