Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Woodwick Candles and the Past 11 Days

As I sit here writing this post, I am LOVING the scent and SOUND of my Woodwick Candle. It truly sounds like a crackling fire!!! This was an AWESOME stocking stuffer I received!

What have I been doing for the last 11 days? MORE THAN I HAVE WANTED!!
  • Relishing 4 days ALONE IN MY HOUSE before the Holiday travels!
  • Surviving airport drama (I'm terrible on planes! Every time I step on one I think to myself, "Self, this is it!") So when the ENGINE FAILED on the runway and we were towed back to the gate to switch planes I really had to give myself a good pep talk to reboard. The Strong Man and my two angels were depending on me!!
  • MORE KIDDO SICKNESS!!! AGGGGGHHHHH!!! Turns out little Bailey has himself a good case of allergies, which lead to eczema, which he scratched like crazy and got infected. This infection lead to a cracked and bleeding diaper rash. I promise to act "Shocked and Awed" when I find out I was submitted for "Mother of the Year." Until then...I am praising the Lord for calendula and lanolin.
  • Spending Christmas Eve in the Emergency Room because my Dad had what medical professionals term a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack/Mini-Stroke). A Stroke is a Stroke!!! Please note there will be a future post dedicated to Stroke Education. My dad is 57!!! Everyone needs to know the warning signs.
  • Trying to have a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" in spite of all the medical dramas.
  • Drowning in hazardous, brightly colored, plastic toys from China because Barnum and Bailey are loved on by the BEST family and friends imaginable!
  • Throwing a 1st Birthday Circus Soiree. That is right....my precious little Bailey turned 1!! (He will get his very own Happy Birthday Post shortly that will chronicle his 1st year, the bash, and the best 1st birthday cake you have EVER seen!!! (Thank you Aunt PuppetMaster!!!) Here is a teaser.....

  • Buying a rooftop luggage rack to get us home because we were blessed beyond belief this Christmas Season.
  • Driving 10 1/2 hours with a 3 year old and a 1 year old.
  • Unloading the car and watching Barnum and Bailey delight in all of their new treasures!!!
  • Finding time to just sit and be THANKFUL!!! Thankful for woodwick candles, thankful for the many hours I have clocked working with stroke patients and I recognized the symptoms my dad was having, thankful The PuppetMaster speaks the truth in love, thankful for the incredible blessing of family and friends, and most of all, thankful for the freedom to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pandora and Myxer

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when the Circus (aka out of town family) comes to town!! It is when the Circus comes to town that family members get to reconnect and I get to catch up with the times!!!

Thanks to my sweet family I now have custom ring tones and an online radio!!! The Strong Man is not ONE BIT happy regarding the ring tones b/c of his love for Internet Security and some mumbo jumbo about "untrusted" sources. HOWEVER, I am loving them and everything still works!!!

For ring tones click here.

Now....regarding my CUSTOMIZED online radio!!! Talk about a Pandora's Box!!! Check it out here and sign up for yourself!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Animal Training

Bailey was having a little trouble with his Zebra. He ranted and raved to me all day about "strong willed" something or other. I am ALL TO FAMILIAR WITH STRONG WILLED!!

Bailey's perseverance paid off and I hear over and over again that mine will too. Lord, please give me the strength!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

WhereamI? Whoareyou? WhatamIdoing?

My apologies, my apologies!! I cannot believe that it has been over a week since I have last posted. I appreciate all of you being on the edge of your seat.

Between last Monday and this morning I have completed the following: Shop and Drop Day (free babysitting from 9-2!!!), kiddo illness, Adoption Day, more kiddo illness, kiddo gymnastics, Super Hero Birthday party, more kiddo illness, screamed-cried-begged for mercy from a friend, concealed weapons licensing course, small group Christmas party, Circus in town (OH!! I mean dear family), cooked dinner for 17 people (7 of whom spent the night!!)

Right this very second, I am eating the remains of my ice cream with a fork because all of my spoons are dirty and catching the world up on our lives via my blog. I also have the Comcast On Demand Yule Log burning in the fireplace to promote the Christmas Spirit. You should totally check it out!!

Back to Business. Before all of the craziness mentioned above, The Strong Man and I hauled Barnum and Bailey downtown to revel in the Christmas Spirit. I will let you be the judged of how it went.

Prepare yourselves for the image below!! My sweet husband and precious angels were prepping for their mug shots and some stranger comes along and captivates their attention!!! (Sound effects not included!!)

It has been requested I emphasize THAT THIS IS NOT THE STRONG MAN'S BACKSIDE!!!

Now that I have given you images of the setting, I will entice you further with the delectable cuisine!!

All is going well. We are living it up. Then this guy shows up!!!

I asked Bailey what he thought about doing this again next year and this is how he responded.....

OF COURSE!!! He didn't scare me at all!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

New Addition

Our extended circus family has grown!! I proudly present to you my new nephew.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Good Nite Lite

Lord have mercy! If you name it, we have tried it. We have tried EVERYTHING to keep Barnum in bed for more than 9 hours. I have concluded it is NOT in his DNA to sleep more than 9 hours. (This was easily concluded by observing his Daddy, The Strong Man and his Aunt, The Puppet Master. This brother and sister combo are VERY nocturnal and VERY early bird at the same time). It is a blessing and a curse for someone like myself who is in a coma by 9:00 PM and still dead to the world at 8:00 AM (I wish anyway).

Anyhoo.....On to our next endeavor. It is called The Good Nite Lite. Our good friends L, K, & K introduced us to it tonight. I saw the thing first hand, came home and ordered one, and stayed up PAST MY BEDTIME so that I could share this wonder with the world.
My goal with this invention is NOT to gain more hours of sleep from Barnum but for Barnum to gain a little independence. It would be BEYOND my wildest dreams if he played with toys, read books, picked his nose, etc until mommy or daddy came to get him. This would be a DRAMATIC improvement over standing at his door, knocking loudly and yelling, "DADDY! I'M UP!!!" at 5:15 AM.

Results are TBD. I will post back immediately following a two week trial. I'm telling you world.....I feel very optimistic.

Friday, December 5, 2008

She's at it Again

I urge you to check out this AWESOME devotional over at The Internet Cafe. Missy at "It's Almost Naptime" has done a wonderful job!!!

Some of the best advice I have ever gotten was, "Remember, have NO expectations."

Fabulous Display

Hey Bailey!
Mommy found a Fabulous Christmas Display. (Thank you Ugly Christmas Lights!)

As Dr. Phil would say, "Your reaction is Underwhelming."

Monday, December 1, 2008


To keep Barnum and Bailey up to date on all of their animal training methods, we school them regularly at the zoo.

My favorite part of the giraffe exhibit is their tall doors!! Seriously, I have family members that could use those!

Barnum soooooo wishes he could get his elephants to perform as well as this sweet one. He learned a new trick about bribing them with apples so we will see how that turns out!!

Barnum and Bailey were captivated by the sea lions. Water animals are very foreign to them as we run our show above ground. (It FEELS like we are underwater but we are indeed above ground.)

Now, everything was going swell until we stumbled onto this guy and his buddies.

Apparently they said a little something that just sent my Bailey into a blind rage. Bailey tore into that leopard cage and taught them a thing or two!!

From the looks of it, he loved every minute of it!!