Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Good Nite Lite

Lord have mercy! If you name it, we have tried it. We have tried EVERYTHING to keep Barnum in bed for more than 9 hours. I have concluded it is NOT in his DNA to sleep more than 9 hours. (This was easily concluded by observing his Daddy, The Strong Man and his Aunt, The Puppet Master. This brother and sister combo are VERY nocturnal and VERY early bird at the same time). It is a blessing and a curse for someone like myself who is in a coma by 9:00 PM and still dead to the world at 8:00 AM (I wish anyway).

Anyhoo.....On to our next endeavor. It is called The Good Nite Lite. Our good friends L, K, & K introduced us to it tonight. I saw the thing first hand, came home and ordered one, and stayed up PAST MY BEDTIME so that I could share this wonder with the world.
My goal with this invention is NOT to gain more hours of sleep from Barnum but for Barnum to gain a little independence. It would be BEYOND my wildest dreams if he played with toys, read books, picked his nose, etc until mommy or daddy came to get him. This would be a DRAMATIC improvement over standing at his door, knocking loudly and yelling, "DADDY! I'M UP!!!" at 5:15 AM.

Results are TBD. I will post back immediately following a two week trial. I'm telling you world.....I feel very optimistic.


  1. I love it!! Let me know if it works, because our Big Man does he same thing...though, not quite as expreme....6:00...still, I am with you....I am always wishing for at least 7:00

  2. OK you give me a good, much needed laugh everytime I open your the new night light!