Monday, December 1, 2008


To keep Barnum and Bailey up to date on all of their animal training methods, we school them regularly at the zoo.

My favorite part of the giraffe exhibit is their tall doors!! Seriously, I have family members that could use those!

Barnum soooooo wishes he could get his elephants to perform as well as this sweet one. He learned a new trick about bribing them with apples so we will see how that turns out!!

Barnum and Bailey were captivated by the sea lions. Water animals are very foreign to them as we run our show above ground. (It FEELS like we are underwater but we are indeed above ground.)

Now, everything was going swell until we stumbled onto this guy and his buddies.

Apparently they said a little something that just sent my Bailey into a blind rage. Bailey tore into that leopard cage and taught them a thing or two!!

From the looks of it, he loved every minute of it!!


  1. OMG they are so cute!!

  2. This is my favorite post of yours so far! You set up that joke so perfectly, I was laughing out loud.