Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Breakfast with Santa

WhereamI? Whoareyou? WhatamIdoing?

My apologies, my apologies!! I cannot believe that it has been over a week since I have last posted. I appreciate all of you being on the edge of your seat.

Between last Monday and this morning I have completed the following: Shop and Drop Day (free babysitting from 9-2!!!), kiddo illness, Adoption Day, more kiddo illness, kiddo gymnastics, Super Hero Birthday party, more kiddo illness, screamed-cried-begged for mercy from a friend, concealed weapons licensing course, small group Christmas party, Circus in town (OH!! I mean dear family), cooked dinner for 17 people (7 of whom spent the night!!)

Right this very second, I am eating the remains of my ice cream with a fork because all of my spoons are dirty and catching the world up on our lives via my blog. I also have the Comcast On Demand Yule Log burning in the fireplace to promote the Christmas Spirit. You should totally check it out!!

Back to Business. Before all of the craziness mentioned above, The Strong Man and I hauled Barnum and Bailey downtown to revel in the Christmas Spirit. I will let you be the judged of how it went.

Prepare yourselves for the image below!! My sweet husband and precious angels were prepping for their mug shots and some stranger comes along and captivates their attention!!! (Sound effects not included!!)

It has been requested I emphasize THAT THIS IS NOT THE STRONG MAN'S BACKSIDE!!!

Now that I have given you images of the setting, I will entice you further with the delectable cuisine!!

All is going well. We are living it up. Then this guy shows up!!!

I asked Bailey what he thought about doing this again next year and this is how he responded.....

OF COURSE!!! He didn't scare me at all!!


  1. um, 'scuse me? "concealed weapons licensing course" Subliminal joke or did a family member gift you something with a pink pearl handle?

  2. LOL on "Bailey" and Santa. You could submit that to Ellen!