Thursday, February 5, 2009

Broken Bones, Part 1

Why Part 1? Well, according to the radiologist at the emergency room, I am the mother of two boys and broken bones are a part of this blessing.

Sweet Barnum is the poor sap pictured above. It is the result of balancing practice gone bad.

Here's the story: We were at our local outside arena enjoying the GORGEOUS sunny day. Barnum was practicing his balancing skills on the wobbly bridge for an upcoming circus performance. He decided to check the stability of the bridge while climbing on the ladder. He lost his footing and fell MAYBE 3 feet onto his shoulder into the sea of cedar chips below.

He screamed and cried and put on a very dramatic performance while The Strong Man scooped him up into his arms. Being the sensitive one, I told him, "Sweetheart, you are fine. You just fell. You need to stop crying and calm down. If you don't calm down we are going to have to leave." Besides, he has fallen much harder and from much higher heights many times before.

Barnum then let out The Howl. The Howl that pierces a mommy's soul to alert them...Mommy, I am seriously hurt and scared.

"Load UP!," I bellowed. The Strong Man drove, Bailey navigated and I fashioned a soft collar and some arm supports out of diapers and a cowboy hat. (I kid you not.) Well, five minutes into the drive, Barnum fell asleep. I went into hysterics. "He's got a concussion!! He HAS A CONCUSSION!!!!" The Strong Man explains to me, "He would have had to hit his head to get a concussion. He didn't hit his head." "YES HE DID," I screamed. "I saw the WHOLE thing! He fell on his right side and hit his head and then his shoulder." "No, no, no," The Strong Man assures me. "I saw the whole thing. He fell on his LEFT side, shoulder first. Let's just go home, let him take his nap and go from there."

So we do that. While the little sweetheart was taking his nap I called and texted everyone I knew. First, I had to get someone over here to watch Bailey. Second, I needed a good plan as to which ER we would be visiting. That is one glorious thing about a big city. You have lots of good choices for medical care. Third, The Strong Man had to consult with Web MD so he could make a diagnosis.

Now that you have read ALL the way to the bottom, here is the condensed version:

  1. Barnum woke up from his nap howling.

  2. The Strong Man, myself and Barnum headed to a privately owned ER 10 minutes from our house. AWESOME!!

  3. Within 10 minutes saw a nurse, radiologist and ER doctor.

  4. 45 minutes later, headed home with two x-ray pictures, a sling, ace bandage, Tylenol 3 and more stickers and suckers than you could find at a dollar store.

I'll let you guys be the judge....does that picture above look like my little angel fell on his Left side or Right side??

(There actually WAS confusion so I have replaced the first picture with the second!!!)


  1. oh my goodness.....I sure hope that he is okay now...and I guess I should be expecting this to be happening to one of my guys soon.

  2. Yikes! I hope he is feeling better soon. No broken bones here yet, just a busted chin and four stitches two days before Alex's fourth birthday :)


  3. There's something wrong with laughing at the story of a little one breaking bones. In my defense, you are such a funny storyteller. I'm so glad that Barnum is okay and that ER time was definitely impressive. As for the boy thing, you might not remember all this, but it seemed like any time the Trapeze Artist, my brother and I played together, it always ended with him going to the emergency room. A broken arm, a cut finger, a bleeding head....

  4. I can't believe what a terrible break. No wonder he is irritable at times. Good things Mommy's and Daddy's love and kisses can comfort most anything, along with the loving thoughts and prayers from family and frineds. We are so thankful he is doing as well as he is. Sending love and prayers everyday.....Ma and Pa anomyous.

  5. wow, I can't believe that! Sweet baby and you are so brave and courageous. I am praying for your family and that his recovery is quick and peaceful.


    Melissa Terry

  6. It looks like he fell on his right side to me! So sorry about this, I hope he's feeling much better by now!

  7. Oh, my word. I'm so sorry Laura :(

    And yet you still managed to get your Valentine's cards made. Go Supermom!!

    We have yet to break a bone, but I feel the clock is ticking.


  8. Poor little guy. Praying for a speedy recovery for him.