Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Valentine Massacre

Why have the waters been so still on this blog?

Well, it all started with Bailey on Wednesday. I just chalked it up to something he ate.

However, on Thursday, when I was making my 5:00 PM made dash to the post office to mail Valentines, the "something he ate" became a full out massacre.

Here is the story: I grabbed Barnum out of his car seat and shouted, "RUN, RUN!!" We had to get in the building before closing time to have any hope of our slaved-over-handmade-cards getting to their recipients on time. He did exactly as I instructed. We ran and ran and joined the 30 other people in the mile-long line. I was thrilled to see they were not closed.

My joy turned to confusion as I started to hear a strong gagging sound. My confusion turned into, OH-NO-THAT-DID-NOT-JUST-HAPPEN!!! as I turned to see Barnum delivering a rushing, splashing wave of blood red vomit. (Blood red thanks to Valentine candy.) Okay, so now it is just not Bailey but Barnum AND Bailey.

I felt so badly for Barnum as he stood in the middle of the post office, vomiting, screaming and terrifying the masses.

I felt so badly for myself because it took 30 MINUTES to get someone to give me some stupid paper towels! I KNOW THEY SAW and HEARD what was HAPPENING!!! Let me just say, the post office is a great example of government workers at their finest.

Long story short, The Strong Man and I have been elbow deep in "The 24 hour Intestinal Flu." However, when four people are stricken on FOUR different days, it drags on a little longer than 24 hours. Our Valentine's Day was a fragrant one.

I am sick of the whining, the mess, the smell and the laundry. But I am blessed to have the three BEST Valentines a person could have!!!

I love you Strong Man, Barnum, and Bailey!!


  1. Feeling for you! We've been there, and your right, the 24 hr bug goes on and on and on!

  2. Oh friend, your crowns are oh so many more than you know. You have been in the thick of things. "Joy comes in the morning." Or at least that's my prayer and His word is always true, amen?

    I'm excited for girls night! Yea! YEA!

  3. Hope you are all feeling better. You have had a rough few weeks, my friend!