Thursday, November 13, 2008

Working Uninterrupted

I have been holed up in my bedroom ALL day trying to attain 20 hours of continuing education. I must obtain these hours by Nov. 30 in order to keep my State and National SLP licenses. Due to the gravity of this situation, The Strong Man agreed to take the day off so that he could wrangle the kids while I worked uninterrupted.

So far I have NOT clocked one CEU hour but I HAVE: plucked my eyebrows, taken a leisurely bath, dyed my hair, surfed the Internet and reorganized my closet. It is now 6:oo PM. I'm feeling CRUSHED by the pressure but I have to blog this VIP matter first!!

While surfing Etsy (and Lord help me if you don't know about Etsy!!), I stumbled onto this:

The cutest Felt Circus Elephant you've EVER SEEN!!! Thank you Tangarang for the DIY instructions!!! Get to sewing people!! Sweet Bailey's 1st Circus Spectacular is in 1 1/2 months!! There will be one on EVERY TABLE!! Do you hear ME? EVERY TABLE!!

Tangarang also linked to this which I found interesting. Today was my 1st quick glimpse at her site but it was definitely marked as a fave and I look forward to getting back soon.

Now back to the CEU's.....

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