Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Palooza

Bailey had a SUPER FUN time with his fellow Circus Artists at the Pumpkin Patch. Thankfully, he is still too young to understand all of the random comments that were thrown his way regarding his costume. For example, "Is he a cow?" "I love that squirrel costume!" "Look at the Teddy Bear." "What kind of costume is this?"

The mystery is over people......HE IS A HORSE!!!
Barnum loved, loved, loved donning his BUZZ LIGHTYEAR. For all of five minutes! Then he cried because he was too hot and stripped down to his underwear. (Buzz Lightyear of course!) Luckily The Strong Man packed some reserve clothes.

Acrobat C doesn't think it's fair SHE has to pose SOLO with Buzz Lightyear! Buzz seems confused.

Acrobat C calls in Miss Ballerina.

Here is Barnum with his #1 Partner in Crime, The Ferocious Lion. These two are INSEPARABLE! When they are separated all they do is cry for each other.

Can't you just see the fun in their eyes?

Here Barnum is trying to scramble over the pumpkins to get to his Sweet Friend. His Sweet Friend is a very wise woman and runs quickly away!!

To put the cherry on top of this trip to the Pumpkin Patch the 'Rents tried to pose these Circus Artists for a Group photo. The following is documentation of our success:

Oh!...Now the little horsie spies something interesting.

Suddenly Bailey screams, "I'll get you MY PRETTY!"

ANNNNDDDDD...............we've lost 'em.

Until next year Pumpkin Patch!!!


  1. He was so obviously a horse! They are both so cute!! People are so funny. My mom told me when I was a baby people would say your little boy has the most beautiful eye lashes. : )

  2. How cute!! We want pics of the Bearded Lady!!

    Hope you girls had fun last night...

  3. I love that little horse! Cute pics - glad to see Barnum got to be Buzz again. I'm sure he will wear it many more times.