Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Strong Man Strikes Again

I have yet to process exactly where I was physically and emotionally this time last year. If you met me today and heard snippets of my story you would probably think I was a liar. Praise the Lord for that!!!

However, The Strong Man LOVES to remind me how far I've come. He says it prevents complacency in my walk with the Lord. Are his motives pure in intent? Only God can judge.

To give you a glance into my life I will leave you with the following exchange of words:

The Bearded Lady,

"Why on earth does the shower door not close? I don't understand and it is SO frustrating!"

The Strong Man,

"I don't know. You probably hit it with your wheelchair."

Today!! He said this to me TODAY!


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  2. That's too funny! You really need to include the Gump comment. It puts it all into perspective!

  3. I think you should post your whole story on your blog! Is it illegal to make two posting suggestions in two days? I'm definitely walking the line :)