Monday, June 15, 2009


I woke up very optimistic this morning. I had my game face on for the week. My goals were set, mapped out and I was ready to attack. Boom, boom, boom. I was going to get it all done and the kids.... The kids were going to be great. I just knew it. I had a feeling.

If I've said it once, I've said it a THOUSAND times....NEVER TRUST YOUR FEELINGS!!!!!

I was 1/4 of the way done at WalMarket (It will forever be known as Walmarket to me!!! I had a dear friend who shopped, cooked and cleaned for me endlessly when I was sick. She would always call and ask what we would be needing from The WalMarket!) ANYWAY....

I was 1/4 of the way done at WalMarket with Barnum and Bailey in tow. It hit me like a TON of BRICKS!!!! The....oh no I have to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW or I WILL DIE!! Anyone who knows me knows that I would rather DIE than go to a public restroom. They are just something I can't get past. Today, I had no choice. It was get past the public restroom or borrow a diaper from Bailey. I left the diaper bag in the car so off the the front of the store to visit the public restrooms! I had to park the cart, remove the children, drag Barnum away from the shooting game in the arcade, usher them both into the restroom, lock them in the stall with me and use the public restroom!

It only gets worse!!!

Bailey was more than annoyed that he had to get back into the cart. He let me and everyone else know that he was not going to have it. He unleashed a merciless wrath on his mommy and everyone else in the store! However, we had NO ESSENTIALS!! NONE. I had no choice but to power through the storm. I was throwing milk, bread, cheese and frozen pizza on top of Barnum in the cart and tearing open all the normally forbidden boxes of Fruit Roll-ups, Granola bars and M & M's as fast as possible.

Bailey didn't care. It didn't phase him. He simultaneously ate the junk and continued to scream. THROUGHOUT the entire WalMarket and the entire ride home!!!

The evidence of my worthless bribes are all over his face!!!

W-O-W...he is starting to look exactly like his DADDY!! Now that he has gone blond I can't lay claim to either one of them!!!

Tomorrow, you better have something better for me!!!!


  1. YES! Public restrooms (especially big bargain stores!!) with kids are YUCK!!! A baby in one arm, yelling "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING" to the toddler locked in the stall with you, while you try to hover... it is a gymnastic feat for sure.

    The pictures of Bailey made me llllaaauuuggghhh this morning :)

  2. I so can relate...and am way impressed! Congrats on surviving...I think that is what is is called!