Monday, June 8, 2009

Let's go to the MOVIES!!!

We just celebrated an I-N-C-R-E-D-U-L-O-U-S landmark!!! Barnum's first movie at a REAL movie theatre!! UP

Not only did I cry and cry and cry because my baby is so BIG but also because the movie is so GREAT!! Barnum loved every minute of it!! He loved getting his ticket, picking his concessions, eating his concessions and watching the movie!!! He sat through every minute!!! (Including the credits which is actually his favorite part!! He has to see them on every video he watches!! He will cry if you try to skip them.)

I think that Barnum was able to channel the main character, Mr. Fredrickson, amazingly well!! Compare the photos!! (Barnum has been dubbed a dramatic genius since the ripe old age of FOUR months!!! Remember Annabelle??

Three tickets, please!!! Thankfully, The Tattooed Lady was in town to watch Bailey!!

Considering the racket on movie stand concessions, Barnum was the only lucky recipient. The Strong Man made the mistake of trying to snag a bite of his popcorn and was quickly told, "Get your own popcorn!!"

Thank you Strong Man and Barnum for one of the BESTEST days ever!! What a treasured memory it will be for me!! I love you!


  1. Ok - just got tears in my eyes, i am such a softy! We have been debating a movie for L this summer, maybe too early... we'll talk. This is precious! So happy it was a sweet family memory!

  2. We totally loved "Up" too...I cried and cried :)

  3. What a sweet first experience! I love that you shared it on your blog. Given his immense dramatic genius, do you think we will be paying to see Barnum on the big screen some day? :-)