Sunday, June 28, 2009

Call us CrAzY?

We have a new addition!!

Barnum and Bailey's Grammy & Papa stumbled upon a "good deal at Academy." The boys couldn't be happier!!

Bailey likes to roam the tramp solo while chanting, "Boun, boun, boun." Barnum likes to have a captive audience while he acquires new tricks.
My favorite part of breaking in the new was when The Strong Man journeyed up to "Show the boys how it is done." Needless to say, we've been nursing a back injury for the past week!!!

Barnum is CONSUMED with his new toy!! When The Strong Man was putting him to bed the night we got it he said, "Daddy! I can't go to sleep because someone will jump on my trampoline!!" He was assured and assured that no one would be jumping on his trampoline. Five minutes later he is loudly beckoning, "DADDY, DADDY. DAAAAAADDDDDYYYYYY! Will you put a sign on my trampoline so no one will jump on it?" "Of course I will. Now off to sleep."
Three minutes later, "DADDDDDDDYYYYYYY!! DAD. DAAAAAADDDDDDDYYYYY! Will you make it look like a Stop Sign?? A Stop Sign with stripes?"


  1. Where on earth could Barnum & Bailey have ever decided they needed a trampoline?! ;-) I heard thru the Grammy-vine that Barnum had put in a request. The stop sign with stripes is just precious! I was laughing out loud.

    On another note, perhaps in all your "free" time you should write children's books. You would be amazing at that.

  2. L,
    I LOVE this! Plus, I know our monkeys will love playing with Barum & Bailey on their new trapeeze!

  3. Yes, you are crazy!... or was that just a rhetorical question?!?!
    I can't imagine where Barnum gets his dramatics...

  4. Yay! I am so excited that you finally got one! I love Barnum stories. My roommate was laughing.