Saturday, June 13, 2009

Adding Insult to Injury

My sweet Aunt Jeanne courageously lost her battle with cancer. Sadly, I was not able to attend the service and therefore planned to honor her with an incredible floral arrangement. When remembering my Aunt, I see visions of bright flowers, various textures and a lot of interest.

Therefore, this was the arrangement I chose:

I located this arrangement on the 1-800 website and felt it represented my Aunt perfectly.

This is what arrived at the funeral home:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Barnum and Bailey have made sandcastles with more architectural interest than this pot full of mismatched weeds!!! anyone?

I understand how teleflora works. I understand they contract out with a local florist. I understand it is a bit of a gamble. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how in this day and age of iphones and blackberry that ANYONE would try and pull this off as acceptable!!!

I also do not understand how the situation was not able to be remedied. SO WHAT if I got my money back. I don't care about the money. I care about being able to honor my aunt.

Flowers are my love language. More importantly, flowers were my Aunt Jeanne's love language.

Bureaucracy and local incompetence turned them into sadness.


  1. So sorry to hear about your aunt and so sorry to see your flowers. Definitely insult to injury...

  2. Oh, that is heartbreaking. I'm so sorry this happened. At least you had the opportunity to spend time with her. There's no doubt that she knew how much you love you. Let me know if I can do anything for you, especially during this time!

  3. It is so strange that the local florist had done such a beautiful job on all of the other orders. It is very unfortunate for Brandon's flowers that this happened. Never again will we ever use them. I expect the 1-800-Flowers might not ever use them again either.
    Anonamous Grammy