Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise!! Cake Pops!!

A step by step guide to YUMMINESS!!!! The idea was inspired by Bakerella and executed by our very own Costume Designer! I was pleasantly surprised by these last Friday night as a Birthday Treat! Knowing I would want to share the love, she also documented the steps for me!!

Step 1: Two Vanilla Sheet cakes

Step 2: Crumble Vanilla Cakes into a large bowl and mix with Rich and Creamy CHEESECAKE Frosting. It MUST be cheesecake!! The icing is what made them extra spectacular!!

Step 3: Form this newly made concoction into bite size balls and stick onto the end of a lollipop stick.

Step 4: Dip into melted white almond bark, roll in colored sanding sugar and stick into Styrofoam to dry

Step 5: Hot glue coordinating ribbon around a clay pot filled with flora foam

Step 6: Tie a Pretty Bow

Step 7: Arrange Cake Pops like a lovely bouquet of flowers!!

Aren't these LOVELY????!!!!!!
I was very surprised and VERY HAPPY to have these as my Birthday Cake this year! They were made with a lot of work, creativity and mostly love. Thank you for making my 32nd Birthday VERY SPECIAL!!!!

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