Sunday, November 1, 2009

Harvest Hoe Down!

We had INCREDIBLE fun at the annual fundraiser for the Christian Classical School down the street!! If you are not familiar with classical education I encourage you to check out The Well Trained Mind by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer. FASCINATING stuff!!


Here is his brother, Slim. Claiming that it is COLD. COLD?? We are in Houston, Texas!! It is the end of October and 75 degrees!! YOU ARE SO NOT COLD!!!

First stop, COOKIE BREAK!!

Next stop, Horse training.

Off to find The Candy in The Haystack! Barnum actually dove in!! It was little brother who was a little standoffish. It must have been Opposite Day!!

They actually had to throw the candy right in front of Bailey!! He refused to touch the hay or dig for it!!

OH YES WE DID!! We turned this Mad Man loose on the MECHANICAL BULL!!! You know what??? HE DIDN'T FALL OFF!!! Is there Rodeo in his future??


Here was the highlight of Barnum's night. The ZORB ball or "Texas Tumbleweed" as they were calling it! He has asked for one every day since!!! We all know how much hamsters love them...who knew it would be the same for little kids!!


  1. Yeh Haw!!! What cute little cowboys! Looks like you guys had a fun evening...

  2. Well, they are the cutest cowboys around I must agree. The fun they had looked amazing. Those chaps Bailey had on were to die for!!!!!! and I agree...the cowgirls will be eating their hearts out for both of those long-tall cowboys.