Monday, November 16, 2009


32 years old TODAY!! If my first 32 years have taught me anything it is that I still have a LOT to learn!! Learning is so So SO hard!!! He never said it would be easy though, did He?

I have recently been a part of an amazing study where we have gone word for word through The New Testament Book of ACTS. Our group definitely uncovered some INCREDIBLE life lessons and INCREDIBLY hard self examination questions. I have been specifically moved by chapters 21-28.

Chapters 21-28 are Luke's account of The Apostle Paul's journey to Jerusalem and his subsequent arrest, imprisonment, trials, shipwreck, snake bite, and arrival in Rome. (His first arrival in Rome, not his last.)

Throughout all of it, Paul tirelessly used his talents and gifts to further God's kingdom by preaching the Truth about Jesus. He lived his life in such a way that even the Roman officials took note that it was all about Jesus with Paul. I encourage you to visit these chapters and possibly ask yourself some of these questions; What does it mean to "take heart?," What can I apply to my own life from Paul's example?, What do these chapters tell me about Jesus? What can I apply to my own life from Jesus' example?

I have been batting around these questions and albeit some conviction regarding my answers! Therefore, I thought this would give The Strong Man and I plenty to talk about. Over lunch yesterday, I cornered him and asked, "Beloved, how do you think Paul spent his retirement?"

His answer, "traveling."


  1. Beloved? Haha. Hope you had a quiet happy birthday. Love you.

  2. I threw that in for dramatics sake!! I am so glad you picked up on it!! Ha, ha!!

  3. I thought of your yesterday! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  4. Sorry I missed your b-day, but I hope it was great! I haven't checked blogs in a your new post of Barnum!! Hope he has a wonderful b-day also! Love and miss y'all!