Saturday, October 17, 2009

Application ACCEPTED!!!

Many thanks go out to my loyal readers!! Because there was much discussion regarding our failed attempt at rescuing a dog, we are now the proud owners of a DOG!!

A friend told a friend, who told her scrapbook club and (well, you know how it goes!!) about our experience with trying to rescue a dog. A member of said scrapbook club was horrified by our experience and CAME TO OUR RESCUE!!!!

The Scrapbooking Diva very generously GAVE us our sweet Little Ruby!!

Not only did she give us Little Ruby, but she gave us 2 leashes, 3 dog beds, a see through kennel, a bag of toys, a bag of dog food, and 3 bags of treats!!! The Scrapbooking Diva admitted to referring to her three Shih Tzus as "The Nieman Marcus Dogs!!" I cannot believe she was so willing to part with one!!!
I have to admit...Little Ruby has been in our possession for over 3 weeks now!! I have just been bombarded with life and my dream of becoming a paper crafting queen that I haven't updated the blog. My apologies!! Ruby is the SWEETESTand most well behaved dog I have ever owned. She doesn't make a peep (NO barking, growling, grunting!!), she doesn't jump on or off of furniture, she demonstrates an INSANE amount of patience with Barnum and Bailey and she is perfectly housetrained.


  1. YOU HAVE A DOG?!?! Well, congrats friend! Sounds like it is a perfect match for all involved! She seems adorable!!
    Cindy Baker

  2. Congratulations on your new baby! Um, and show some pictures of your crafts!!!!

  3. Ruby is a cutie-patootie! And I agree...POST YOUR CRAFTS!!! Exploding boxes, banner, tp albums...come on! Show your creations! :)

  4. She is so cute I can't even stand it. Can't wait to get my hands on her. I was suprised she was black and white, most dogs like her are silver. I must say I do like her color. Be sure to keep her on a leash like you said don't want any big birds swooping down to snatch her. Can't imagine the horror on the boys faces if that happened!!!!

  5. Congratulations on the new addition! Glad she is working out so well. Isn't it amazing what can happen just from blogging and people reading?

  6. So excited to FINALLY see the name, she is adorable and looks just like my mom's ellie. So glad she is fitting in just perfect!