Thursday, April 2, 2009

Everything is Coming Up Onions

I am happy to announce our first little sprouts from seeds we planted in the garden!! Our onion seeds are starting to grow!! The only items planted from seeds in our garden are the onions, our newest tomato plant (Barnum started it as a seed at MDO and we just transplanted it), chives and cosmic dragon (purple!!) carrots.

Here are our onion sprouts!!!

Here is Barnum's tomato plant!! I am insanely excited about this addition.

The first bloom in our garden is on our Poblano plant.


  1. Wow, sister, this is impressive! You organize, you garden, you have TWO boys...impressive!

  2. The garden is so great. I know how exciting it is to have the things grow. The tomato plant from MDO is fabulous. Can't wait to see those carrots. Never before have I heard of purple carrots. You go girl.