Monday, March 30, 2009

Sneak Away Weekend---In Reverse

At the very last minute, Barnum and Mommy snuck away to Dallas this past weekend to meet up with The Trapeze Artist, The Fire Breather, The Contortionist, and Doneldo. We were also very excited to see MOT and the TWINS!!

I made the grave error of uploading the pics in chronological order, which displays them on the blog post in reverse order. Being that it is 8:38 PM and I am typically in a coma by 9:00 PM, my dear readers will experience our weekend in REVERSE.

We finished off our weekend at MOT's house. Thank you MOT for having us for lunch!!! Most importantly, THANK YOU for introducing us to ZAXBY's. Delish fried chicken!!!

It was awesome to see how much the boys had grown since December!! Those two are motoring around like crazy! Their little personalities are shining through and they are a lot of F-U-N!! Clearly, Grant was the only one on board with the photo session!!

"Wait a minute boys, I've gotta dig for gold!"

In order from L to R: The Contortionist, Barnum, and the Fire Breather (Don't get me wrong....she is capable of eating AND breathing Fire!!!) This was the last pic of the 3 Amigos as we were leaving The Cracker Barrel on Sunday morning.

The carousel was the very last ride of our Six Flags Adventure. It was a great day!!

Barnum's Favorite, Scooby!! Scooby was also his Mommy's favorite as she was growing up!!

This little spit fire drove this antique car!! She was driving her Mom and Dad but I accidentally cut their heads off!!!

Who let these two behind the wheel??? I DID!!! I let these two hooligans drive ME around!!!


This was the first picture of the day. It by NO MEANS does the temperature justice!! My sister says...bring jackets it is going to be in the 50's. I thought....well...I'll bring our winter coats in case. (Winter coats down here = hoodies). She took one look at us and laughed. THANKFULLY, she had extras!!! I had on a long sleeve shirt, hoodie, TWO COATS and gloves!! Barnum had on TWO long sleeve shirts, hoodie, pink coat and socks for gloves!!! It was 19 DEGREES when we started!! It felt like some kind of early April Fool's joke!!! The good that came out of that....Absolutely NO LINES for the rides!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

Our DELUXE accommodations!!! This hotel was VERY, VERY nice!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE hotels!! Barnum loves, loves, loves the indoor swimming pools at hotels!!!

We had one AWESOME weekend!!!! I am very thankful for the one on one time I had with my little boy and the time we got to spend together with friends and family!!!!


  1. Glad you're back in blogging mode! LOVE the pictures of Barnum with The Contortionist (great name) and Fire Breather. Sounds (and looks) like you had a great time!

  2. Love the picture of Barnum in the pink jacket, that is priceless! I'm sure you can use that to your advantage some day!! Again, it was so great to see you guys, I can't believe we don't live closer....