Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back in Business

After an extended Spring Break, I am pleased to announce that we are BACK IN BUSINESS!!! What have we been doing for the last 21 days? Here you go:

1. Labeling all bins, drawers, and cabinets in the toy room with pictures so that my beloved Barnum & Bailey can learn to clean up after themselves. That involved taking pictures of all the toys!! I took all of the pics, printed them as wallets and placed them in vinyl name tag holders fastened by metal rings. (We'll see how "indestructible" they prove to be!!) So far, it is working out VERY well!!!

2. Spending time with The Great Magician. He came into town to work his magic on those two hooligans so their mommy could complete a thought! While he was here we also stumbled upon some INSANELY GOOD seafood and PECAN PIE!!! Goode Company Seafood!! TO DIE!!! Thank you Christine for the recommendation!!

3. Cowboy Day at Mother's Day Out!! Barnum acquired the authentic cowboy hat during our last trip to Pampa. His sweet friend "loaned" him some boots and I haven't pryed them off his feet yet. He SLEEPS IN THEM!!

4. Planting our GARDEN!!!

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