Friday, January 2, 2009

George Foreman 360 Grill

There are no words to do this invention justice!!

I was totally ignorant to the fact that this thing even existed until I was enlightened by my sister. Was I ever ENLIGHTENED!!! Seeing that I had long ago mailed my Christmas lists I had no expectations of getting one. Well, the 'Rents surprised The Strong Man and I by giving us one!! YIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!

We have been home for three days and have used it for three days. I am obsessed and I am in love.

This grill contains five interchangeable plates for grilling, baking, griddling, sauteing, quesadillaing, pizzaing. THE POSSIBILITIES are ENDLESS!!

Click here for more info and even some yummy recipes! I am making the "Holiday Foccaccia" tomorrow!!

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