Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cold......something or other

I understand that I am not up with the times. I am a 30-something, post-paralytic mommy who is neck deep in sippy cups, whining, snot, poop, Buzz Lightyear and MAM pacifiers. To give myself a little credo...I do listen to the radio, blog, glance at the headlines, pray for Stacy and Clinton to show up at my door...etc. etc.

However, there is a man I know, who tops any description of "not being up with the times" I could possibly conjure up. This man....we'll call him Doneldo, was offered FREE FRONT ROW TICKETS AND BACKSTAGE PASSES TO SEE/MEET COLDPLAY!!!

His response, "Who is Cold-PLATE?" (Pause for major gasping reaction)

And yes...that is Doneldo RIGHT BEHIND CHRIS MARTIN!!!!!! CHRIS MARTIN!!!! THE CHRIS MARTIN who lulled away the hours on my CD/RADIO/ALARM CLOCK while I lay paralyzed in my bed hoping that my husband and The PuppetMaster would bring me something to eat or drink!!! Where am I? NOT PICTURED ;(

If you haven't been introduced to my "Best-Friends Rule," here it goes. The Simpson Life and I devised this rule at the ripe old age of....maybe 17?

Best Friends Rule: 3 degrees of seperation=BFF

Chris Martin + Doneldo + Me = Me and Chris Martin are BFF
JJ ABRAMS + a.k.a Writer + Me= Me and JJ ABRAMS are BFF
Met Sheryl Crow at Borders Books = Me and Sheryl Crow are BFF
Katie Holmes-Cruise + Dance Teacher + The Simpson Life's Bell Stets = The Simpson Life and Katie Holmes-Cruise are BFF

The list goes on and on!! I am very interested in anyone else's 3 degrees of seperation!!


  1. I can't give you any more 3 degrees yet because I'm too busy wiping away the tears from laughing. We'll calling it LSHIC (laughing so hard i'm crying).

  2. I don't get it.

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  4. 1) The Tattooed Lady+ Jeremy Camp= The Tattooed Lady and Jeremy Camp are BFF.
    2)The Tattooed Lady+ Matthew West= The Tattooed Lady and Matthew West are BFF.

  5. Jeremy Camp + The Tattooed Lady + Me = Me and Jeremy Camp are BFF!!!

    Matthew West + The Tattooed Lady + Me = Me and Matthew West are BFF!!!!

    Good ones!!! Oh yeah. Don't forget BRICE or BRYCE??? Our VH1 flash in the pan!!! HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA

  6. More for you:

    James Blunt (met at concert at Starbucks office) + a.k.a writer = Me & James Blunt are BFF

    His publicist + Will Smith + a.k.a writer - Me & Will Smith are BFF

  7. I have been behind on the blogging world lately! I am cracking up! is go...

    Met Charlie Sheen at Spin City Taping...The Simpson Life + Charlie Sheen = The Simpson Life and Charlie Sheen are BFF

    Met Tori Spelling while shopping...The Simpson Life + Tori Spelling = The Simpson Life and Tori Spelling are BFF!!!

    This is awesome...I am so glad you introduced it to the world!!! YAA

  8. Ok I have another one:

    Me + Steve Ralston (my friends dad)+ Kevin Costner= Me and Kevin Costner are BFF.

  9. I HAVE ONE!
    Me+Gregory Itzen (president Logan from 24) + Keifer Sutherland (Jack Bauer) = Me + Jack Bauer=BFF&F&F&F
    Isn't that awesome! I met him at BWI airport! He patted Emma's head!