Thursday, January 1, 2009

The BEST and WORST of 2008!

I will start with the WORST of 2008. According to The Strong Man that is soooooo me to do that. He believes me to be a "negative" person. I call myself a "realist." The Strong Man says that is what every negative person says. Blah blah blah....

I will begin with the LEAST and end with the GREATEST WORST thing that plagued my Circus Spectacular in 2008.

Soap in the EYES!!!

A sippy cup upside the head from an adoring older brother!!

Stunt practice gone bad!
(Really, he was just practicing his dramatics!! Every ounce of the following was an ACT!!!)

Hernia Surgery
(The poor thing had 3 of them!!!)

Hurricane IKE


By far the worst thing that happened to us in 2008 was my Dad's TIA/Mini-stroke on Christmas Eve. HOWEVER, the worst DECISION I made in 2008 was letting him DRIVE us to the hospital!!!!
All of those things aside, we are VERY grateful. We understand how all of these "Worsts" could have been a lot WORSE!!!
Now on to the BEST of 2008! Too many blessings to count!

First Baths

A new TIE
Baby Swings
Valentine's Day
Matching sweater vests for Easter with sailboats (I mean Pirate Ships on them!)
Barnum would only wear it if we told him it was a Pirate Ship!!

Baby Dedication
The BUMBO seat
Summer Sandbox
Knit hats from a wonderful Aunt!
Learning to Sit Up the very day he turned 6 months!
Swim Diapers and Best Friends
The birth of these sweet twin boys to our dear friends!
Getting a new Buzz Lightyear after the old one's head fell off!
Laundry Basket Go-Karts & being POTTY TRAINED!!!
Finally getting a nursery!!!
Pirate Patches and Hulk Hands


The birth of our sweet cousin and nephew!!!

A Friend's Super Hero Birthday Party


Older idols
Our very own, very precious Buzz Lightyear

An adorable 1 year old little boy!

We are looking forward to the BEST of 2009!!


  1. ADORABLE pictures of your BEAUTIFUL kids!!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!

  2. What a year you had!!! Your boys are PRECIOUS!!! I totally agree in posting the worst first, then you end on a good note and everyone who reads your post is happy. I would have done the same thing, and my hubby would have probably made the same comment...but seriously the world needs realists, don't you think?? :)

  3. Seriously, your kids are the cutest ever, next to mine ;) When's our playdate?

  4. What a great idea. I love your highs and lows pictures. All the best in 2009