Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sea Salt Caramels

About this time last year, I was introduced to Sea Salt Caramels by my dear Abby while at Berings. I fell in LOVE!! Well, my SIL was headed downtown to do some shopping there and I asked her to pick me some up. Much to my chagrin...they DO NOT CARRY THEM ANYMORE!!

Would my SIL make me do without?? NO! She went home and MADE ME SOME!! Woooooo-hoooooo! They were to DIE!!! Now that I have been privy to such a recipe, I feel it is only fair that I pay it forward!!

The recipe comes from the very lovely, Elizabeth LaBau. She writes at Cake or Death? and About Candy. She is darling and I highly suggest adding her to your Reader!!

Cast of Characters:

Monitoring with the candy thermom. I HIGHLY suggest using your LARGE stockpot!! You will feel much better about your adventure and get better results.

OK, OK!! I fess up! I HIGHLY suggest using the large stockpot because I tried THREE times and my caramel never, Never, NEVER, ever set up!! I was forced into making "caramel sauce" 3 TIMES!!

BUT!!! Wait a minute!! Be STILL MY HEART!!! What was waiting for me when I came home from BSF on Monday night??? This:

Which when flipped out of the pan looked like this:

That is right. The Strong Man does it again! He got his caramel to set up perfectly. THE FIRST TIME!! Torture. Ya'll it is PURE TORTURE that everything comes easily to him!!
Next up: Cutting and Dipping and Sprinkling, oH MY!!



YUM, YUM go and get you some!! Please check out Elizabeth's recipe here!!
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  1. O-M-G. those look sooooo good. Man I wish I didnt give up sweets for Lent!

  2. Those do look amazing! And I'm sure they taste even better. One year Starbucks had a salted caramel hot chocolate that I just couldn't get enough of - so, of course, it was a one-time-only thing. Can you come visit me for a one-on-one tutorial on making these? ;->

  3. Ok, I have to confess, that I only have three caramels left, and I only let Colin have half of one. Yes it was only 18 hours ago that you brought them to my house and I was asleep for a good part of that time. THEY WERE DIVINE! Thank you for making me such a special treat, I love you friend!!!

  4. I want some now....those look amazing...and I agree...they guys always do make everything look easier! It kills me! Missing you!

  5. Those look supper yummy..... I really want some now!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments.....

  6. Can you send some to Tulsa? I LURVE sweet and salty and these would so hit the spot!

  7. I am so glad you linked up to Make it Yours day because caramels are one of my favorite things ever! I am definitely bookmarking this page to try.

    Thanks again!