Thursday, March 11, 2010

Faux Metal Planters

We have been digging in the dirt around here! I wanted to spruce up our front porch so I set off to my local Garden Ridge for a 12" metal planter to hold my Rosemary tree and an extra large metal planter to hold an ornamental evergreen.

I gasped in horror when I saw the prices!! They ranged from $69.99-169.99. No way, no how!! After snaking through row after row of out of budget metal planters, I happened upon some PLASTIC planters. Thankfully, they were $7.99 and $39.99!! The plastic planters had great decorative touches and I knew the finish I wanted was just a can of spray paint away!!

Here is the before:

I used RustOleum's Universal Hammered Spray Paint. It was quick, cheap and easy! This is the 12" plastic planter. It contains my Rosemary Tree and a few dwarf marigolds I threw in for color.

Here is a picture of the "Hammered Metal" finish.

Total Cost of Project: $92.50
2 plastic planters= $52 (including tax)
Dirt= Straight outta the garden!
Rosemary Tree= A lovely gift from a friend
Dwarf Marigolds= $1 for 6
Ornamental Evergreen= $29
1 can of RustOleum's Hammered Spray Paint= $8.50 (including tax)
Alyssium to border the Evergreen= $2 for 6

Happy Planting My friends!!

I will be linking this project up at:
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  1. Laura,

    TOTALLY FABULOUS!!! I would never know that the planter was plastic, nice work!! Thanks for joining the party this week, I hope to see you back next week!!


  2. Fantastic!! I love it! Love the rosemary plant and the fact that you can plant stuff already! LUCKY! lol

  3. Your rosemary tree looks gorgeous. It must smell amazing, too. I had no idea they got that big. And, of course, I love that you didn't let the price of the metal planters stop you from getting the look you wanted. Wouldn't expect anything less from you! :)

  4. thanks for stopping by my site! new follower of yours now!

  5. LOve the finish on the planters now and the rosemary plant...they grow good at my home and they smell so good! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. This is so wonderful and so doable. Thanks for the inspiration. I have a few very sad looking pots I need to replace with this idea.

    Visiting from Punkin Seed Productions, your boys are so cute.


  7. love the planter and love the circus theme! so cute.

  8. Love the planters! I SO have some planters that need this treatment! Thanks so much for planting this creative seed over at "Plant a Punkin Seed Party at Punkin Seed Productions"!

    Dont foget to check back next Friday to see who has been featured and to plant another creative seed!

    Punkin Seed Productions

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I love what you did with those planters! It's amazing what a little spray pain can do!

  10. LOVE it!!! And I can I just say that your rosemary tree is the only one out of three that has survived??? Michelle's and mine both died a while back. :( I'll be coming to your house for some roasted potatoes with rosemary and olive oil!!! :)