Monday, December 14, 2009

Photo Tile Coasters

2009, the year of "Handmade Christmas." I am sure those receiving gifts from me are thrilled by this announcement! HA HA! Just because it is the year of "Handmade Christmas" doesn't mean it is the year of LAME-O Christmas.

Because I highly suspect not to find Barnum and Bailey's Great-Grandparent's cruising this blog, I feel comfortable in posting their gift all over it. Not that Great-Grandparent's CAN'T cruise the web. These particular folks just don't. However, that doesn't stop their Great-Aunt Mary! I know you're out there!! :) (83 years old in case you were wondering!!)

I got the idea for these photo coasters from The Graphics Fairy's awesome tutorial! She is an uber talented and uber generous blogger!! Please go and check out her sites!! The Graphics Fairy and The Background Fairy!

I am going to show you a summary of the process but PLEASE let her tell you how to do it!! She does a great job!!

I designed (OK!! The Strong Man) designed our pictures in Microsoft Publisher. Then they were printed on a LASER (MUST BE LASER) printer. Next, I gave them 3 coats of OMNI-GEL Transfer and let those dry. They were cut to scale and here they are soaking in water.

Unfortunately, I used SUPER DUPER THICK HIGH GRADE paper and was forced into a million SERIES of soaking and rolling! After a month, I ended up with these:

The Omni-Gel Transfer BLOWS MY MIND!! It is such amazing stuff!! I ended up with perfectly transferred images!! Finally, I just lined up all of my coasters, sponge brushed a little Omini-Gel onto the coaster and the back of the image and glued them down!!
This one is still a little wet but you can get the idea!

Love it or Lame??

The DIY Show Off

The Girl Creative

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  1. Ummmmmm, L-O-V-E IT!!!

    I like that you can do the journaling/sentiment on the computer! How clever!

    Just made another batch...this time I used vinyl for the sentiments instead of stamping...MUCH better! :)

    I am DEFINITELY going to try the OMNI transfer stuff...just need a laser printer! HAH!