Friday, December 4, 2009

Birthday Bliss-Posted a Little Late!

I am Last Minute Lucy with EVERYTHING!! Therefore, these birthday treats for Barnum's MDO class aren't quite up to the standard I had in my head. However, I wanted to post them in the event another Last Minute Lucy needed some hope!

Here is the ingredient list pictured at 11 PM the night before Barnum's 4th Birthday:

Here is what they made:

These treat toppers were obviously BEFORE I figured out the CENTERPOINT function on my cricut!! I had envisioned a super fun background shape, border shape and sentiment. (Last Minute Lucy learns a lesson!) Barnum could have cared less. He was THRILLED that he was taking special treats to his class and even MORE THRILLED that Buzz and Woody were gracing the tops of them!!
Next up...Last Minute Lucy Makes a No Bake Birthday Cake in 30 minutes!

Here are the pans used for the layers:

That is right!! Random, around the house pans!

Here, is the MAJOR mistake Last Minute Lucy made:

Last Minute Lucy tripled the normal Rice Krispy Treat recipe. LEARN FROM HER MISTAKE!!! You will have a stock pot 1/3 full of burning marshmallows and butter, 1/3 full of perfectly melted marshmallows and 1/3 full of regular consistency marshmallows that have no hope of melting!

Therefore, you have a HUMONGOUS mess and rice krispy treats that are not evenly coated! Guess what? Last Minute Lucy didn't have time to do anything about it!! Therefore, she was forced to deal with a mediocre No Bake Cake!

The Result:

Luckily for Last Minute Lucy, Barnum and the rest of the fam aren't harsh judges on appearance. At least not out loud!!

Even more luckily for Last Minute Lucy, they ARE harsh judges on taste factor, and devoured every last bite!

EXCEPT for the one who was the driving force behind all of the Last Minute Lucy Insanity:

All he wanted to eat were the Yummo Cake Pops made by The Costume Designer and the Blue Vanilla Ice Cream made by The Puppet Master!!

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  1. I LOVED Barnums cake! And that is now the cake I want for my birthday every year!

    Hope your having fun and can't wait for you to come back. I miss you bestie!