Thursday, October 23, 2008

Joining the Blogosphere

I am a bit terrified of my entrance into the realm of BLOGS!! Having been recently accused (uh-hm Katie) of being a "lurking blog reader" I got to thinking...I wake up everyday and struggle to run "The Greatest Show on Earth!!" It is BEYOND humorous and others just may get a kick out of it. Also, our beloved extended family who live miles and miles and hours and hours away may just like keeping up with us. I will give it the Old College Try and see what happens.

Please people...just know..the support from the Strong Man (aka The Hubs) is unprecedented. For example, while brainstorming my blog ideas I asked him this question, "Should I refer to myself as The Trapeze Artist or The Tightrope Walker?" I wanted my reference to be a metaphor for my role as a loving wife and SAHM. His response, "The Bearded Lady."


  1. I love it. You might even inspire me to begin archiving my daily live with all the men in my life...hahaha

  2. Okay, Loled -- Bearded Lady : )

  3. Best description of a blog. Ever! I'm so glad you're doing this - sure hope you don't mind that I had to share "Barnum" and "Bailey" with a few co-workers.