Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 and a Powdered Donut Tower!!

Mother of the Year here, reporting on Bailey's 2nd Birthday. His Birthday which occurred on December 27th. Boo, I love you more than words! Please forgive your mommy for being late with your special Birthday Blog Post!

Although Bailey got the shaft on his Birthday Blog Post, he DID NOT get the shaft on his birthday!! In fact, he had TWO parties!!

Ahhhhhh....The Bliss of being 2!

Chowing down on a special Donut breakfast courtesy of Grammy and Papa! Bailey LOVES him some donut holes!

Great Granny was kind enough to let us throw down at her house!! 12 AWESOME Adults and 9 KRAZY Kids!! We had Taco Soup, Cheese Quesadillas, and French Fries! Oh the RANDOMNESS of a 2 year old's favorite foods!!

Prepare yourselves for what comes next! If you know me at all, you know I have an irrational fear/phobia/hatred/aversion/loathing/repugnance toward red and blue food dye. PLEASE NOTE! I did state that I know it is IRRATIONAL. However, it still controls a part of my life!

Imagine my horror when I picked up the cake that The Strong Man ordered for this celebration.

"WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???!!! You did this to KILL me!!!," I said quietly. ;)

He replied, "I did it because it is fun. You have kids. Kids want to eat fun things. White things aren't fun. It is not about you. Get over it." Oh the wisdom he pours forth.

The Strong Man WAS right. The cake was a hit! Maybe not with Grammy! I mean, just ask her how much fun she had scrubbing red dye out of our clothes all night!! It may have taken her all night but she did it!!

Now on to the second celebration. 9 more AWESOME ADULTS and 10 KRAZY KIDS!

Barnum and Bailey are BESTIES!!

In lieu of the 1st celebration's cake and my husband's declaration that white food isn't fun, I thunk and I thunk about how I would come up with a super fun dessert sans red and blue food dye.

It hit me. A Flash of Genius. POWDERED DONUTS!!!

I gathered some cupcake wrappers, a bag of powdered donuts, some handmade pics I had my assistant make and a cupcake tower.


It was a little unsteady and the burning candle fell off and almost burned my BIL and SIL's house to the ground. However, we are folks who can roll with the punches!!

Now you tell white food fun or unfun??


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I had someone call and ask me if I knew it said, VIOLA instead of VOILA!! I did! I was just trying to be funny!

    Looks like it didn't work!!

  2. You are so funny. How did I not know about your dye aversion? I have to say - white food = unfun ;) But you definitely made lemons out of lemonade. I am impressed with your powdered donut tower!

  3. Yum, my new favorite birthday cake is powdered donuts! I'm with ya on the white food, of course you do remember I wasn't even allowed to have ketchup or anything remotely messy as a child :) Ah, the things parents do to their children...