Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My 2nd Most Favorite Vacation

5 years ago, if someone would have said to me; "Your 2nd Most Favorite Vacation will actually be a Staycation" I would have snarled my nose and replied, "I highly doubt it."

Flash forward 5 years.



The Strongman singlehandedly drove Barnum and Bailey the grueling 10 hours North to bless their grandparents. He has set up residence/worksite at his parent's house and Barnum and Bailey ping-pong back and forth between their two sets of grandparents.

He has been gone since last Wednesday and is not due to return until FRIDAY!!! THAT IS 10 DAYS!!! I am beside myself and every cabinet, drawer, cubby and closet has been thoroughly cleaned and reorganized!! In addition, I have had continuous thoughts!!!

I am missing the dickens out of the little punks. All three of them!!

Where are they?

They are in the Great Plains. Where you can see for miles and miles and miles.

How are their nutritional needs being met? By eating CHICKEN FRIED BACON of course!!

What are the effects of eating chicken fried bacon?

I LOVE and MISS you guys!!!


  1. Awesome! Enjoy your stay-cation :)

    My boys gave me one last week- it was much needed :)

  2. Oh..I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! Maybe there is a way for me to forward this to Wayne and maybe he will get the hint!! How I long for a little time to myself these days....I know that you know. K...enough of that....the pics are AWSOME!! Enjoy the rest of your time!

  3. Chicken fried bacon?! Wow and oh my. Very glad to hear you're enjoying your staycation -- and I hope you're catching some good sleep between organizing cabinets. ;>

  4. I have never seen such a thing as friend bacon in my life. And, I am so jealous of your staycation and I am only a mother to two dogs!!!

  5. I can't get over how QUIET your house was the other night...an extremely foreign concept to me these days!!! :)

  6. Hilarious!!! I LOVE it, Laura...great post! I'm so glad you are feeling refreshed and organized, you deserve it! BTW - just saw that our community garage sale is October 10th, mark it on your calendar! Come sell with me at own risk :)